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Who are the key people within your business?

People with:

  • Proven ability to grow sales
  • Highly specialised technical skills
  • Personal relationships with valued customers
  • Responsibility for major projects

*Consider whether losing this person could affect your short or long term profits/ how much it would cost to replace them/ and whether their death could affect any outstanding loans.

The big benefit

Life Insurance provides your business with vital funds for:

  • Payment of debts and expenses to keep operations running
  • Finding and training a suitable replacement
  • Increasing cash flow to compensate for lost revenues
  • Assuring creditors and suppliers of any outstanding financial commitments
  • Showing customers the business will continue

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Freisenbruch Meyer Group staff photo: Karl Smith

Karl Smith

Head of Pension, Life and Investments

Tel: 297-8693

I can help you select a Life Insurance plan that best fits your needs.

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