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Amazing Advantages

Daily Traded Funds

  • With us, instant access to your pension investment is always at your fingertips. Investments trade daily so you have the freedom to transfer and change things as you like and when you please.

Self-Directed Investments

  • We offer the largest selection of mutual funds and risk models in Bermuda and we make funds selection simple with risk model allocations. This gives you the ability to be diversified with annual re-balancing. Also, if you are a sophisticated investor, we give you full control of the investment selection process. You can pick and choose funds based on your interpretation of market conditions making changes when you feel comfortable taking full control.

Online Access

  • Whether you are a member or employer, we deliver a superior experience. Offering statements on demand, financial calculators and providing your own personal rate of return.

Outstanding Options:

Pension Plans

Our selection of easy, innovative retirement solutions was designed to give you and your employees exactly what they need.

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Personal Retirement Plans

Freisenbruch's retirement experts can consolidate your pension accounts into a simple, flexible retirement plan.

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Employer Services

Why Freisenbruch, that’s simple we are the BEST. Experience the convenience of a single point of contact for all your company pension plan requires both for the employer and your staff. Think of us as an extension of your HR department, guiding you through the complexities that come with plan design and administration.

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Investment Services

When you’re ready to take the next step in reaching your financial goals, it’s time to consider investing. Our experienced team of investment professionals work alongside you to make sure your money is getting you exactly where you need to go.

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Front Street Funds

Front Street Funds has an investment strategy that is founded on two core principles: high quality and consistent growth. With this approach, we aim to deliver consistent and predictable rates of return, barring of course any foreseen market swings.

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You worked hard to earn your piece of the Rock. We work hard to provide you with a solid foundation for Home Insurance needs. With our secure coverage, competitive rates and efficient claims service your home is covered for every possibility.

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Professional Indemnity for The Bermuda Bar

We've established a dedicated scheme providing preferred coverage to Bermuda Law Firms.

View Professional Indemnity for The Bermuda Bar page
Centre on Philanthropy Directors & Officers group plan

We are pleased to provide exclusive access to a leading Directors & Officers Insurance scheme designed for Bermuda's Third Sector, open to any COP member who opts to participate.

Contents Only

From your clothing and electronics to your grandfather's Bermuda cedar antiques – get it all covered.

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We have access to global insurance markets, bringing a wealth of experience in customising coverage of all types.

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Financial Services

Financial services are exposed to a broad range of risks; risks that can erode profit, and directly affect their organization’s ability to continue operating. Financial service insurance is designed to mitigate the financial risks associated with unforeseen events.

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Directors & Officers

Having a good Corporate Board to oversee the direction of the organization is essential in today’s business environment, and that means having qualified and experienced Directors and Officers on your Board to provide that oversight. A key factor before for any Director and Officer joins an organization’s Board is to determine whether there is adequate D&O insurance, as this coverage will provide financial protection for the Directors and Officers in the event of a lawsuit or legal action.

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Medical Malpractice

As a healthcare professional, you have worked hard to provide quality care to your patients. However, even the most experienced and cautious medical professionals can have a mishap. Medical malpractice insurance is key to help protect your practice, your finances and your reputation in the event of a malpractice claim including; negligence or errors in diagnosis, treatment, surgery, injury or even death.

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As a business owner, you face a variety of risks, including the potential for criminal activities such as employee theft, fraud, forgery, and embezzlement. That's why it's important to protect your business from both external and internal threats with crime insurance.

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Pensions (2020 Update)

Whether retirement is right around the corner or something that still feels like eons away, it’s worthwhile to start thinking about it now.


Whether retirement is right around the corner or something that still feels like eons away, it’s worthwhile to start thinking about it now.

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United States



Looking for straight-forward, affordable coverage? Look no further. Whether you are self-employed or run a large corporation we can customize an insurance package to meet your needs.

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Property & Casualty

Insure your company's assets against theft, accident or damage with a customised business policy, designed to meet your unique needs.

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Commercial Vehicle

Whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet, we offer coverage to help drive your business forward.

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You’ve found the perfect property. Protect your investment with business insurance that covers your premises against physical damage.

Contents Only

Rest soundly knowing your top of the line computers and high tech, specialized equipment is protected around the clock with our Contents Only Commercial policy.

Commercial Vessel

From commercial fishing to inshore cruises, we can tailor a marine policy to meet your current needs and help you advance.

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Cash or securities are a clear theft risk, especially when they’ve left your building en route to their next location. Our money coverage plan protects against such loss so you can breathe a little easier.

Marine & Cargo

Our Marine Cargo coverage is the best option to safeguard freight coming to and from the Island by sea or air.

View Marine & Cargo page
Worker’s Comp / Employer’s Liability

If an employee is injured on the job you could be liable for those expenses – either through the Worker’s Liability Compensation Act or Employer’s Liability… or both. Find out how one of our insurance plans can safeguard you against any sudden catastrophes.

General Liability

The moment a customer enters your property or a staff member starts to interact with them, you could be liable for any injury or damage they incur. Your premises, work and goods all expose you to risk that we can help you navigate.

Business Interruption

Following a fire, hurricane or other damage to your building or contents, it can take a little while to get back up and running. Business Interruption insurance helps get you through the rough patch until you’re able to operate smoothly again.

Goods in Transit

Getting your materials and supplies from point A to B doesn’t always go to plan. That’s why our Goods In Transit cover is there to help ease any bumps in the road and ensure your business doesn’t come to a screeching halt.

Stock / Refrigerated

Business owners who specialize in selling items like food or flowers know the risks involved if items don’t stay cool. We’ll help develop a plan for you that covers all the bases, so no matter what you won’t get heated.

Key Person

Your company could take a major hit if something ever happened to you or another key employee unexpectedly. Protect yourself with one of our specialized insurance plans.

View Key Person page

For large, small, single or multiple projects, our Contract Works policy has all the nuts and bolts covered.

View Contractors page

Don’t let unexpected difficulties abroad stop you from meeting your business goals. Our Business Travel Insurance policy can cover all employees (or a select few) for business trips so you can focus on finding more capital, not lost luggage.

View Travel page

Your life, your family, your home, your transportation, your belongings – we provide peace of mind by insuring what matters most.

View Personal page

It’s not just a house; it’s your oasis; the place where special memories are made. Protect your home and loved ones with custom insurance packages you can trust.

View Home page

Whether it’s in the days before a storm or in the aftermath of a flood, you can breathe a little easier knowing we’re on your side and have thought of everything so you don’t have to.

Small Boats

If you have a boat that is under 16 feet in length and with a design speed of under 17 knots, we will be happy to protect it within our Home Cover policy.

Travel Insurance

Our HomeCover policy offers optional travel insurance that will give you peace of mind while you are away so you can enjoy some much needed R&R.


Navigate the Island’s winding roads with greater ease thanks to our superior coverage. If the unexpected does happen, we promise to uphold our end of the bargain with no unnecessary penalty to you.

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When the ocean calls, we want you to be ready. Our experienced underwriters can create a plan that suits all your marine insurance needs and help to ensure smooth sailing from there on out.

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If you’re looking for lifelong insurance protection and the chance to build cash value, participating life insurance may be right for you.

View Whole page

By offering low-cost life insurance protection, term life insurance can help you achieve your financial goals.

View Term page
Vacation Rentals

As a Vacation Rental Homeowner you could be at risk for potential exposures that are not covered by a standard home insurance policy. Our HomeCover Plus policy is comprehensive, affordable and flexible.

View Vacation Rentals page
Educational Plans

Invest in a plan that gives your children the best education possible and the right foundation for their future.

View Educational Plans page

You've found the right home; now it is time to find the right coverage to protect your mortgage in the event you’re no longer around to make the payments.

View Mortgage page

No matter what the future holds, you want to make sure your family is taken care of. Find out how the right policy can alleviate some of your worries for good.

View Life page

A new adventure awaits you once you retire. Talk to our team of experienced professionals so you're prepared for the next chapter of your life.

View Retirement page

You have the keys in hand to your brand new car and just need a great coverage plan to go along with it. We’ll help you figure out the best protection options based on your needs and have you out on the road cruising in no time.

View Car page

Knowing your insurance coverage is powered by us, you can take your new scooter out for a spin without any reservations.

View Motorcycle page

Some things just don’t fit in cars. So whether you're a boat lover, equestrian or scrambling enthusiast we offer comprehensive coverage, worth up to $1 million in liability, to help you get from point A to B.

Meet Karl

Karl Smith joined Freisenbruch in December of 2023 to help individuals realize their retirement and financial dreams.

As Head of Pension, Life and Investments, he brings over 30 years of financial, retirement, and life insurance industry experience spanning bank management, private banking, and wealth and retirement management via individual and pension advisory experience in Canada and now in Bermuda.

Karl has an MBA in Finance from the Australian Institute of Business and a CSC investment license from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI).  Karl is committed to helping individuals achieve their financial dreams by utilizing his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional designation from FP Canada to provide enhanced retirement planning. He is driven to provide enhanced retirement planning for his customers and is working on his trust and estate practitioner (TEP) designation. As part of his commitment to authentic leadership, he is an associate member of Charter Managers Canada (CIM).

His Vision:

It is for Freisenbruch to be the leader in Bermuda to educate the public on the importance of their Pension and the steps required to achieve their retirement dreams by highlighting how to utilize their Pension and Life insurance to build their legacies. At the same time, Karl will continue to lead his team in providing the excellent customer service that Freisenbruch is known for and further increasing the value for the stakeholders of Bermuda and Freisenbruch.

Our Connections

Freisenbruch Insurance Services Ltd. has been working with FM International Services (NY) Ltd. for over 25 years, offering quality retirement support to Bermuda based pension plans and introduced the island’s first U.S. compliant 401(k) plan.

Freisenbruch Insurance Services Ltd. has been working with Butterfield Trust (Bermuda Limited) for the past 15 years, providing key oversight and trustee services to our pension trusts.

Create a brighter future today.

Freisenbruch Meyer Group staff photo: Karl Smith

Karl Smith

Head of Pension, Life and Investments

Tel: 297-8693

Interested in learning more about our products?

Contact Karl

Whether working with local companies or multinational corporations, our dedication, professionalism and personal attention to individual needs remain steadfast. With access to a worldwide roster of fund managers and investment specialists, we provide limitless investment options to meet any retirement need.

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