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Bermuda Registered Pension Plans

Let’s create a customized Bermuda registered plan for your company so your employees are satisfied today and well into the future. We offer our clients a wide range of investment options and can even tailor our services and fund models to better meet your needs – regardless of whether those are basic or more on the sophisticated end, we’ve got you covered.

International Pension Plans

It can be challenging to choose a pension plan when not all your employees are located in the same place. That’s why our international plans are such a great option. Not only will it help you to streamline employee benefits throughout the company, it will also provide your international workforce with added flexibility while on the Island or overseas.

Personal Retirement Plans

Take control of your retirement and consolidate all your old pension plans into one.

U.S. Plans

If you’re an American taxpaying employee, you have the option of taking out a 401(k) pension plan. Thanks to our partnership with U.S. based, family owned company FM International (FMi). Benefits include:

  • Access to profit-sharing plans
  • Having a salary deferral amount – you decide how much money you want to contribute to your account each pay period
  • Choosing from an array of thousands of mutual funds for a custom portfolio

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For 401(k)-related matters, please contact Eric Macaluso.

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