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A level of protection

Our policy offers a level of protection for your cherished valuables and household contents such as clothing, furniture, audio equipment, TVs, kitchen appliances, other electronics and household items.

Contents policy offers protection against:

Fire or  Explosion Earthquake Lightning
Hurricane, Storm or Tornado Fallen trees, branches, telephone poles Civil Commotion, Riot or Strike
Malicious Persons or Vandals Escape of water or oil Theft or attempted theft

Additional coverage

Options include:

  • Mirrors and Glass: Accidental breakage mirrors, glass or ceramic hobs or tops to furniture and fixed glass in furniture.
  • Temporary Removal: Cover for loss of or damage to your contents while temporarily removed from your home and stored in a bank safe or another private dwelling.
  • Rent and Alternative Accommodation: If your home is made uninhabitable by any of the causes insured we will pay for your rent and reasonable additional cost of comparable alternative accommodation.
  • Deep Freezer Contents: Loss of or damage to food in a domestic deep freezer in the home caused by a rise or fall in temperature or contamination from refrigerant or refrigerant fumes.
  • And More!
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